Exhibitor 2019 Application

Ann Arbor Annual Art Craft Show Application 2019 (pdf)


About Applying

Juried show

This arts and crafts show is for qualified handcrafters only.  No resale or distributors allowed.  Photos of your work are required for the jury process. See rules and regulations in the application for details. 

Apply Early

Our show fills up quickly so apply early!  Applications for the 2019 year are available now.  

Mailing Your Application

Please use the P.O. Box listed on the application when mailing in your application.  

Applications may also be  emailed to craftshow@newgrace.org and your credit/debit payment information can be phoned in to the phone # listed.

Our Services Provided

We are highly praised for our organization and services we provide. 

We offer assistance with unloading and loading; booth relief; complimentary continnental breakfast; free snacks and beverages through out the day; and a pre-ordered special lunch package delivered to your booth location. 

Wait list

Our show is usually full by July/August, but we do have a wait list for cancellations prior to the show.

Next Years Show

Our next year's show is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019.  Save the Date!

Contact us if you wish to be added to our arts and crafts show contact list